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Challenger WLS300 Winch Lifter (Galvanised)

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Challenger WLS300 Winch Lifter (Galvanised)

A strong and light hand winch lifter that doubles up as a hand truck

WLS is perfect for.... HVAC compressor Installation, Loading and unloading equipment and material from service vehicles, Lifting electrical trays, Positioning pipe & ducts, Installing air conditioners, Loading office equipment in cars and vans, Handling machine parts and tooling, Loading equipment in rental yards, Hoisting small beams, Positioning hospital TVs, Hauling & lifting cement bags, Installing appliances, Removing electrical motors, Installing light fixtures, Cabinet Installation

- WLS300 is a manual winch lifter, maximum capacity 300kg
- Available in 3 lift heights 3400mm, 5000mm + 6700mm
- Lightweight
- Highly reliable, single-speed winch uses idler roller to feed cable evenly on the drum to avoid cable flats. Handles are removable when not in use
- Possibility of hydraulic problems eliminated through winch operation
- Coffee grinder style winch features auto-braking and detachable winch handles
- Inside-Mast Cable feed - Cable feeds inside mast, removed from the operator for safety
- Pulley Guards - Eliminate possibility of load line coming off
- Reversible forks - 2 plunger pins permit quick release of forks. Forks may be removed for storage or reversed for added height
- Lockable 128mm Casters - hard tread urethane wheels with high quality bearings
- 256mm Rough Terrain wheels makes loading a truck or van hassle free
- Fast action stabilizer legs mounted on base top fold down with ease and lock into place
- OPTIONS: Fully Galvanised version, Fork Extension, Pipe Cradle, Boom Carriage + Two Speed Winch Handle kit

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