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Challenger LD150 Light Duty Stacker and Sack Truck

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Challenger LD150 Light Duty Stacker and Sack Truck

The Challenger LD150 light duty stacker is the ideal solution to countless handling problems which are regularly encountered in all areas of business.

The LD150 can be used either as a sack barrow, a low lift stacker capable of lifting to 1050 mm or, within 5 minutes can be converted to a high lifting stacker with a lift height of 1700 mm

As a sack barrow, the truck is fitted with large diameter, rubber tyred wheels to make movement easy and light even over rough ground. In its upright position as a stacker, the LD150 is fitted with ball rollers which allow the machine to turn on the spot to allow access to the tightest spaces.

Lifting and lowering is carried out by a hand winch with clutch mechanism this method of operation means that there are no hydraulics, keeping the machines weight to a minimum and, with no possibility of leakage, there is no problem with use in offices.

Although a lightweight machine, weighing in at just 37 Kg the LD150 is no lightweight when it comes to performance having a lifting capacity of 150 Kg.

Add on extra: platform 450 x 450 mm

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