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Challenger SLT Low Profile Static Lift Table

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Challenger SLT Low Profile Static Lift Table

Low closed height eliminates need for a pit

- 1000kg Capacity Low Profile Static Lift Table (mains operated)
- The MA-H achieves a low closed height and usually eliminates the need for a pit
- They lift up to around 760mm and also help alleviate bending and twisting often found in industrial environments
- Tables are controlled by a 24V 'satellite' hydraulic power pack consisting of up, down and emergency stop buttons
- Tables are powered by AC380V/50Hz/3 Phase Mains
- Pressure relief valve fitted to protect the hydraulic system
- Oil less bushing on axle pivots
- Emergency check valve to ensure slow controlled descent in the event of a hydraulic line failure
- Removable lifting eyes to facilitate easy handling and installation
- Tables have fully interlocked descent arrestors should there be an obstruction
- These tables are manufactured to EN1570:1999 and are IP54 protected

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