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Logitrans Reel Lifter

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Logitrans Reel Lifter

When different reels, e.g. foil reels, paper reels, or cylinders, are to be placed in packing, printing or production machines, the Reel Lifter is the perfect
choice. The space is often limited around or under the machine, and the reels are often placed inside the machine, where the manoeuverability is limited.
The Reel Lifter is compact and very manoeuverable, and it can thus position the reel in the correct place in the machine, without lifting by the operator. The
Reel Lifter is the perfect partner to the Reel Rotator, which can take a reel from e.g. a pallet, rotate it and place it onto the Reel Lifter. The Reel Lifter
transports the reel to the machine.


Effortless and gentle positioning of reels in e.g. a production machine. The axle, fixing the reel in the
production machine, is also used during the transport on the Reel Lifter. Thus, the reel can easily be positioned in the correct place in the machine.
With the flexible locking system, the Reel Lifter forks can easily be set to different reel sizes. Special flow valve controls the lowering function and ensures a gentle
positioning of the reel. Strong construction and low maintenance costs.

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