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Challenger HEX-SS Electric Semi-Stainless High Lifters

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Challenger HEX-SS Electric Semi-Stainless High Lifters

The HEX-SS is a semi-stainless steel electric high-lifter designed for maximum hygiene.

Challenger HEXSS

- Capacity 1000kg
- Fork Length: 1140mm - Longer 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm lengths available
- Fork Width: 540mm or 680mm
- Stainless fork chassis, handle, axles, wheel holder and thrust shoes. All other parts are hot galvanised or chromate-treated
- With a semi-stainless high lifter the risk of bacterial contamination is minimised.
- Perfect for use in in environments with severe hygiene demands e.g. food or medicine industry
- Easy to clean and optimum resistance - Acid-resistant and electric polished - Strong surface - Corrosion resistant
- Long operating life and low maintenance costs - reliable cylinder construction - strong construction - AISI316L steel used on fork chassis

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