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Counterbalanced Stackers
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Challenger ITBC10/12/15, Heavy Duty Counterbalanced Stacker - Capacities 1000kg, 1200kg + 1500kg - Lift heights 1600mm, 3000mm and 4500mm - Duplex mast configuration allows good sight through the mast uprights - Adjustable fork spread to handle all pallet types - Uses latest AC control technology f..
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The Challenger ITBC06 is lighter duty, counterbalanced stacker for use with all pallet typesITBC06 - Capacity 600kg - Lift heights 1600mm or 3000mm - The 1600mm model has a slim line simplex mast, whilst the 3000 mm model has a high visibility, duplex mast - Adjustable fork spread to handle al..
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RECORD ITBC05L SERIES IDEAL FOR USE WHERE SPACE IS AT A PREMIUM   • Compact dimensions suited to confined areas • Ideal for use where space is at a premium • Makes highly effective use of available space • Wide range of models to suit duties & environments • Unbe..
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